Lehigh Dual Recap

125: Brandon Meredith vs Paetzell (11) (L, MD 15-5)

Brandon Meredith opened the dual with his first start of the season. From the first whistle Paetzell took control of the match. Paetzell is at 125lbs, down from 133lbs and all that strength is still there but with the speed of a 125lbs. Paetzell was a clear favorite in this match and the score represents that outcome. Paetzell was able to rack up 15 points while not giving up a takedown to Brandon Meredith, securing a major decision and four team points for Lehigh.

133: Roman Bravo-Young (4) vs Jaret Lane (17) (W, Dec. 7-2)

Number 4 in the country Roman Bravo-Young took the mat against a new opponent in Jaret Lane. RBY was favored in this matchup and the score reflects it. The first two periods of the match Lane showed great defense and strength against takedown attempts made by RBY. This would be concerning but RBY and Lane had never wrestled before and RBY was getting a feel for Lane in the first couple periods. RBY was able to flip the switch in the third, coming out like a freight train and going on the attack in an ill-fated attempt to score some bonus points for Penn State. In the third, RBY was able to lock up two separate cradles but was unable to secure a pin or back points. This secured a decision for Penn State and 3 points for the team score.

141: Nick Lee (3) vs Joe Lobeck (W, TF 22-7)

Number 3 in the country squared off with Joe Lobeck in the third bout of the night. Lee put on a takedown clinic as he ran the score up on Lobeck throughout the match. However, Lee had a difficult time turning Lobeck while on top and was unable to get a pin. This isn’t a big deal because Lee was so successful on his feet. With riding time Lee was able to secure a tech fall against the Lehigh wrestler and secure the 5 points for Penn States team score.

149: Jarod Verkleeren vs Jimmy Hoffman (L, SV 3-1)

This match was a tossup in terms of a favorite. Verkleeren and Hoffman had squared off previously in Rec Hall, resulting in a 5-3 win for Verkleeren. The two wrestlers have very similar styles, favoring upper body moves. The match was scoreless in the first, while both wrestlers hand fought on their feet. In the second and third both wrestlers were able to get off the bottom before riding time became a factor. The match headed into SV, Verkleeren had a promising start to the SV period but tried to force an upper body move and gave up a takedown to lose the match. Hoffman secured 3 team points for the Lehigh team score.

157: Brady Berge (6) vs Josh Humphreys (13) (W, Dec. 5-3)

Brady Berge made his long-awaited return to the Penn State lineup after suffering an injury at U-23. This was a crucial match for Berge to get back into the swing of things in our lineup. Berge showed no limitations in his wrestling, we can assume that he is 100% and will be starting for the foreseeable future. While this was a close win in the score column, Berge showed a lot of the same qualities he exhibited last year. Technique and pace on his feet and the strength on top and bottom. The 5-3 victory for Berge got us another 3 points in our team point column.

165: Vincenzo Joseph (1) vs Brian Meyer (W, Dec 7-4)

I’m sure the Penn State coaches saw this match as guaranteed bonus points, since Vincenzo was facing off against the unranked Brian Meyer. Vincenzo was able to score a takedown and ride out Meyer in the first. The second started with Meyer on bottom, he was easily able to get an escape. The tide turned when a Meyer was able to counter a high crotch from Vincenzo and take him down. Vincenzo immediately was able to escape before the end of the second. Vincenzo went down in third and was able to escape with ease. Vincenzo was quite frustrated with the 3 points he earned for his team knowing it should’ve been bonus.

174: Mark Hall (1) vs Jordan Kutler (2) (W, Dec 7-2)

This was the premier match of the dual, #1 Mark Hall vs #2 Jordan Kutler. Hall got off to an early start with a beautiful slide by. Hall road Kutler out for the rest of the first. Hall took bottom to start the second, Hall was able to sit out and escape in 10 seconds. Kutler got behind Hall on their feet, Hall made a risky attempt at a roll through but Kutler ended up on top. Hall escaped before the end of the second. Kutler took neutral to start the third. Hall secured one more takedown before the end of the match, he also had locked up a riding time point. Great win against the number 2 in the country and another 3 points for the Nittany Lions.

184: Aaron Brooks vs Chris Weiler (W, Dec 10-5) – clinched the dual win

While this match was not slotted as a premier match for the dual, it quickly became one with Aaron Brooks taking the mat for Penn State. True Freshman Aaron Brooks got things rolling in the first, tallying three takedowns with Weiler only getting two escapes. The second period featured two stall calls against Weiler as Aaron attempted to get off bottom. The second closed with a granby from Aaron to get an escape. In the third Aaron gave up his first takedown and Weiler would ride him out. Big takeaway, Aaron is solid at the 184 spot maybe the coaches look to move Shakur up to 197 with the Conel hype train slowing to a snail’s pace. Aaron secured 3 more points for Penn State and with that win Penn State clinched the dual victory.

197: Kyle Conel (20) vs Jake Jakobsen (15) (L, 3-1)

This match up was a must win for Conel as he has dropped significantly in the rankings due to his past two losses. The first period was very uneventful with neither wrestler really committing to a shot. The second featured an escape for Jakobsen and a shot attempt from Conel which ended in a stalemate. Conel went down in the third and was able to tie it up with Jakobsen after getting an escape. Conel was able to get in on his third shot of the bout, but Jakobsen was able to break Conel down to his belly and secured a go behind to win the match. Lehigh was able to improve their team score with another 3 points for this win over Conel.

HWT: Anthony Cassar (1) vs Jordan Wood (10) (9-4)

Cassar got to his game early in the first shooting 3 different single legs but only scoring on one before the close of the first. Cassar chose bottom to start the second and was able to stand up off the whistle and escape. The second featured a takedown attempt from both wrestlers but no score. Wood chose bottom to start the third, Wood partially stood up and quickly sat back down trying to bait a locking hands call on Cassar. After the sequence a challenge brick came in from the Lehigh corner to challenge for a locking hands call. There were no locking hands, so the score remained 3-0 in favor of Cassar. Wood stood up off the restart and was able to get a takedown on Cassar. Cassar escaped immediately and came back with a takedown of his own. Wood escaped with 30 seconds left and took a desperation shot that Cassar easily defended and turned into 2 points of his own on a go behind. Cassar would ride out Wood for the rest of the match and closed the dual with 3 more points for Penn State.

Final score 23-10

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