Session II – Recap


Roman Bravo – Young advanced to the round of sixteen to face Austin Desanto of Iowa. Desanto scored the first points with a tank down 27 seconds in. RBY was able to escape not long after and the two wrestlers hand fought for the rest of the period. RBY chose bottom with a score of 2-1 in favor of Desanto. RBY was able to escape bottom making the score 2-2 going into the third were Desanto took bottom. In the third, Desanto escaped making the score 3-2 for Desanto. RBY was able to get a takedown opportunity however no points were awarded. Coach Sanderson challenge the call however after review the call stood. Late in the third while RBY was trying to get a desperation takedown, Desanto scored another takedown followed by a quick two back points ending the match 7-2 for Desanto and sending RBY into consolations.


Nick Lee was set to face off against Perry from ODU. In the first Lee struck the first takedown and was able to collect two nearfall points as well. Perry was able to escape after this making the score 4-1 heading into the second. Lee chose bottom to start and was able to get an escape within the first 30 seconds of the period. Following his escape, Lee scored a takedown and at the 3:43 he pinned Perry and punched his ticket to the Quarter Finals.


Brady Berge wrestled Kolodzik of Princeton in the round of 16. Kolodzik got off to an early lead with a takedown 32 seconds into the first. Berge escaped and the period ended with a score of 2-1 with Kolodzik in the lead. Kolodzik had choice in the second and took bottom. Berge couldn’t hold him down and Kolodzik went up 3-1. Half way through the second Kolodzik scored another takedown making it 5-1. Berge chose bottom to start the third and got an escape within 10 seconds. Berge pressed the pace and Kolodzik was hit with a stall warning, following this warning he took Berge down. After Berge escaped the score was 7-3, Berge kept pushing the pace posting up two more stall calls on Kolodzik giving Berge two points. At the end of three Kolodzik won 8-5, sending Berge into the consolations.


Nolf had a rematch against Van Brill of Rutgers, the last time these two met it was a medical forfeit for Nolf. The first period was a takedown clinic by Nolf scoring three takedowns with two extra nearfall points, the choice went to Nolf and he took bottom with a score of 8-2 heading into the Second. Van Brill could not hold Nolf down and thus earing Nolf an escape. The second came with more points for Nolf from two takedowns and four nearfall points. The score heading to the third was 17-3. With choice Van Brill went bottom and escaped. Nolf took him down again and ended in a tech fall for Nolf with a score of 19-4, advancing Nolf to the quarters.


Cenzo faced Flynn of Missouri in the round of 16. Cenzo started off with a takedown and a ride out to the second, 2-0 Cenzo. Choice was given to Cenzo and he chose bottom to start. 20 seconds into the second Cenzo escaped and went on the offensive pushing the pace and pinning a stall warning on Flynn. Cenzo scored a late takedown in the second and rode Flynn out, the score going to the third was 5-0 in favor of the Nittany Lion. With choice Flynn went down and escaped scoring his first points of the match. Cenzo scored another late take down and let Flynn up making the score 7-2. Flynn took down Cenzo with two seconds remaining. With riding time Cenzo won 8-4. With this win Cenzo has made his way into the quarters.


Mark Hall wrestled Womack from Cornell, Mark Hall scored a late takedown to go up 2-0 at the end of the first. Hall had choice and picked bottom to start the second. He escaped and got a takedown to go up 5-0. Late in the second Womack escaped to end the period 5-1. With the choice Womack went bottom. Womack escaped and was taken back down ten seconds later. Hall let Womack up and lead 7-2. With riding time Hall won 8-2.


Shakur faced Ness of UNC in the round of 16. Rasheed struck first with a take down followed by an escape by Ness. At the end of the first Rasheed lead 2-1 and Ness was given choice and went bottom. Ness escaped and was taken back down by Rasheed. Rasheed rode him out for the second period with a score of 4-2 and with choice went bottom. The third period started with an escape by Rasheed. Ness took Rasheed down and was able to turn him and get four nearfall points. Shak escaped and ended the match 8-6 in favor of Ness. This sent Shak to the consolation bracket.


Bo Nickal Wrestled Hokit from Fresno State. Bo came out swinging scoring a takedown, Hokit got an escape but not before Nickal ran up some riding time. Bo took Hokit down again making the score 4-1. Bo proceeded to get 8 total points of nearfall before pinning Hokit at the 2:26 mark.


Anthony Cassar faced Orndorff from Utah Valley. Cassar scored a late takedown in the first and rode him out, 2-0 Cassar. Choice went to Orndorff, he chose bottom. Orndorff escaped and was taken down again within ten seconds of escaping. Cassar rode out Orndorff to finish the second with a score of 4-1. Cassar went bottom to start the third. Cassar got an escape early in the period to go up 5-1. Half way through the third Cassar scored another takedown. Orndorff had one final escape with 30 seconds to go and was taken down with 8 seconds to finish 10-2 in favor of Cassar.

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