Session I – Recap


Penn State got the action started with Roman Bravo – Young against Guillen from Ohio. There was no score in the first period and RBY chose bottom to start the second. With a quick escape RBY went up 1 – 0. The next score came from a slide by from Guillen, followed by an escape for RBY, leaving the score 2-2. RBY got the next score with a takedown, late in the second and rode Guillen out to the third. At the start of the third Guillen chose Neutral and the score was 4-2. No points were scored till a takedown and two-point nearfall from RBY to finish the Match 8-2.


Nick Lee faced off against Limmex of Purdue. Lee got rolling early with a takedown 30 seconds in followed by an escape by Limmex, 2 – 1 Lee. At the 2-minute mark Lee got another takedown and rode Limmex out to the end of the Period, at the 2:44 second mark Limmex was hit with his first stall warning. Lee chose bottom to start the second, he opened up with a quick reversal that lead to a pin 38 seconds into the second.


Brady Berge faced off against Fresno State’s Olivas. In the first Berge got two takedowns with Olivas getting the two escapes making the score 4-2. With choice, Berge took bottom and got the escape point. No other points were scored in the second and Berge lead 5-2. Olivas chose bottom to start the third. Olivas got the escape but not before Berge secured riding time. The final score was 6-3 Berge.


Jason Nolf wrestled Anderson of Duke. This match started with a slick ankle pick takedown for Nolf and ended at the 0:42 second mark with a crossface cradle from Nolf.


Vincenzo Joseph opened his NCAA title run against Delong of Clarion. Cenzo got off to a very large lead with a takedown followed with a turn giving him four nearfall points, 6 – 0 Cenzo. This match ended in the first with Cenzo pinning Delong in a tilt at the 3-minute mark.


Mark Hall opened up against Kane from UNC. In the first Mark hall got an early takedown and rode him out capturing a ton of riding time, 2 – 0 Hall. Hall picked Bottom to start the second and got an escape 8 seconds in. He took Kane down again with a high crotch, at the end of two periods Hall lead 5-0 and Kane chose neutral to start the third. Looking for a pin, Hall hit one of his famous gator rolls/cement mixers but Kane bellied out. After Kane escaped Hall took him down once again and let Kane up. The final score was 10-2 after the riding time point was awarded.


Shakur wrestled against Parker from Princeton. Shak got an early takedown going up 2 – 0. In an awkward exchange, Shak threw in a leg and an arm bar collecting a couple quick back points. Shak was riding loose and parker was able to come out on top of Shak and was awarded a reversal. Shakur got his own reversal by sneaking out the backdoor of Parker during this “scramble”. The first period ended 6 – 2 in favor of Shak. Shak chose bottom and opened the second with a reversal. Parker was ridden out the entire second period, and for the third Parker chose top. Shak, got another reversal off bottom in the third and rode Parker out till the end of the match. Shak won 11 – 2, with 6+ minutes of riding time.


Bo Nickal opened up against Laird of Rider. In the first Nickal got the first takedown and let Laird up, 2 – 1 Bo. The next takedown came from Bo and ended with Laird on his back, Bo collected 4 near fall points and lead the match 8 – 1. With 30 seconds left in the match Bo hit a cowcatcher driving Laird to his back and pinning him with 0:26 to go in the first.


Anthony Cassar took on Antonio Pelusi from F&M. The first was scoreless till Cassar had a very late takedown with one second left in the first, 2 – 0 Cassar. Cassar was awarded choice and chose bottom to start the second. Cassar got an escape five seconds into the second and took Pelusi straight to his back and got the pin at the 4:20 mark.

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