Recognizing the RECkoning!

If you haven’t noticed, we noticed! These guys (and gals) are everywhere! They are the Penn State Wrestling Affiliate Club.  We would like to give a big shout out to TheRECkoning!

If you haven’t seen the Sour Patch Guy at a Penn State sporting event, well, you simply are not watching. Check out this story from the Collegian, if you need some background on the guy with the blue and white wig.  Our IG affiliate, @we.are.penn.state has tagged him many times.  And, of course, the RECKoning have answered the call to wear the Dev Scnupp headband, which was duly noted @we.are.penn.state.

We are sure they will be visible and vocal matside for the Michigan State match, Friday, February 15, 7 PM.  Students, do you like free food?  Entry to the match is free with a valid PSU student ID and free food from Primanti Bros.

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